About Steve

Hi, my name is Steve Adams. The crazy guy with the scraggly beard is me, at the top of Mount Katahdin, in 2014. I had just completed a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, and, as you can see, I was pretty pleased. It was my first ever hike, at the age of 61. It led me to write about my extraordinary journey. I hope that you will join me on that, and other, journeys through my books and my blogs. I live on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida, with my lovely wife, Diane. 

I moved to the United States from the U.K. in 2005, taking a job in New York. I worked for over 40 years in the insurance industry in London, Bermuda, New York, and finally in Sarasota, Florida. In 2012, I became as U.S. citizen. Despite this status, my wife and many of my fellow travelers often failed to follow my accent. I hope my writing provides more clarity as I attempt to tell my stories.

Steve Adams

I changed my life when I hiked the Appalachian Trail. If I encourage one person to get out into the woods, I'll be delighted.